New single “STREAM” out now on all major streaming platforms!

Cover art by Riikka Partanen The song is also available on video.

Listen or watch “STREAM” on your streaming platform here:

The band comments:

(Uula) “I woke up one sunday after dreaming about playing a song at our old practise room. In the dream this
song was being played by several musicians and it came out with such force and confidence there was no
need for words. Waking up I was confused at first but soon I realized that this is a Spiritraiser song
needing to be recorded. I woke up my flat mate/drummer Kristian and we rushed to the practise room to
record the whole song into into my looper’s memory before getting it lost to the ether. During these same
sessions Kristian and Anssi arranged the drums and the bass to the song. The song I received in the dream
was now ready to spread the message of goodness forward.”

(Jules) ” The song is about Uula’s dream where he received this song. About channeling that different dream
dimension into our dimension with his instrument and giving it a sonic form to enjoy forever. Ultimately I
got the inspiration to write the lyrics from a quote by Oliver Wendell Holmes Sr: “Many people die with
their music still in them.”. This idea dances nicely with Uula being able to dream a song and after that
save it with his instrument. So many people must have the gift of receiving music and art but maybe not being able to actually put it out of them. Music and melodies are well written within us and we need this side of ourselves to express emotion, an event or simply speak through it. Sometimes we take music as granted but it is very extraordinary. The song is an ode to the flowing stream of creativity.”

The video for “Stream” is directed by Mikko Lampinen. Here are his comments:

“Stream is explosive and empowering song. To me as the director of this music video it sets itself naturally
in the sights of the mind but also to personal and universal issues. I don’t want to reveal too much but the
goal is to create multi meaningful pictorial stories that are intertwined.”

– Spiritraiser

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