Spiritraiser is a Finnish, Helsinki-based alternative rock band. Consisting of four members, the band proudly melts diverse elements of rock and ambient music into sonic pleasures for you to enjoy. The band’s music has been described as post, progressive, alternative rock flirting with metal. The truth is, the band doesn’t really care about genres and operates in the fields of music where ever it feels comfortable.

The band has been in existence since 2007 but after some major changes during the years, today’s lineup was formed in 2014 and the first official release came out in 2018 when the band published its first album, “Inspiral.” The album received some very positive feedback and the Finnish music scene welcomed the band with warmth.

The band is formed by guitarist Uula Korhonen, bass player Anssi Ruotanen, drummer Kristian Merilahti, and vocalist Jules Näveri. All of the members have ventured into music for many years and have established themselves as professionals with their own merits. Spiritraiser is dedicated to channeling universal energy into sound and music, to create places for you to listen, close your eyes, and travel to. 

The time has come to write a new chapter in Spiritraiser‘s story as the band has entered the studio to record their second album to be released in 2021.

Spiritraiser is:

Jules Näveri – Vocals
Uula Korhonen – Guitar
Kristian Merilahti – Drums & Programming
Anssi Ruotanen – Bass